Simple Landscapes with Stitch and Paint 1 Day Workshop

Day 1:
In this workshop, students will work on a small wallhanging (approximately 10" x 20"). They will learn how to cut and sew simple curves to prepare the background, without marking or pinning. Once the background has been finished and the basic landscape sewn, the design is drawn on the fabric. The piece will then be quilted in preparation for painting. Basic painting and blending techniques will be demonstrated. The workshop will end with a demonstration on how to mount the piece on a pre-stretched canvas for display.
Sketch to Stitch with Inktense Pencils 1 Day Workshop

Day 1:
In this 1-day workshop, the students will start by using a sketch, a photo or a drawing to create a pattern that is later transferred to fabric. It will then be free-motion quilted to create the appearance of a sketch on fabric. Shadow quilting in the background will be demonstrated. Lastly, the design will be colored, partially or in its entirety, with Inktense pencils. The use of Inktense pencils will be demonstrated.
Moments 2 or 3 Day Workshop
This workshop is based on the techniques used to make my art piece “Moments” which appeared in Quilting Arts Magazine February/March 2008

Day 1:
Each student will work on its own piece to be finished at 17” x 24” approximately. The focus of the first day will be to design the piece based on a favorite object of inspiration (a photo, a leaf, shell, feather, piece of wood, cup, etc.). Once the design has been finalized, the piecing technique will be demonstrated.

Day 2:
Continue working on piecing the top. Quilting techniques will be discussed, as well as thread painting and embellishment: Paintstiks, Angelina fibers, tulle, stencils, fabric paint, stamps, splattering, beading, etc.

Day 3:
A continuation of Day 2, it allows time for the piece to be completed (depending on design and complexity).
Dawn Over Heritage Park 2 or 3 Day Workshop
This quilt incorporates two sizes of New York Beauty blocks and a curved border. Piecing curves intimidates a lot of people. I will show you my proven method so that all blocks will fit when you put the top together.

The 2-day class will focus on working on one corner of the quilt, and a lengthy demo on how to apply the border.

The 3-day class will offer more time to work in completing one corner of the quilt, and start working on a section of the border. Machine quilting basics will be covered as a demo.
Machine Quilting 1, 2 or 3 Day Workshop

The one day workshop will focus on the basics of machine quilting, cover information on thread, batting, how to prepare a quilt for quilting, and then focus on some simple free-motion motifs and straight lines.

The 2-day workshop will cover the basics as above, but will add some more advanced background filler designs and simple feathers.

The 3-day workshop will cover the information in the 2-day workshop, plus how to design and quilt more advanced feathers.

A kit fee is required for this workshop.
Introduction to Fabric Painting 1 or 2 Day Workshop
The 1-day workshop will focus on the basics of painting on fabric, shading, highlighting, blending, etc.

The 2-day workshop will cover the information on the 1-day workshop, plus the piece will be quilted, bound and mounted on a stretched canvas.
Fabric Painting - Part 2 1 or 2 Day Workshop
The one day workshop will cover background painting, shading, highlighting, blending, watercolor techniques, etc.

The two-day workshop will cover the contents of the 1-day workshop plus the piece will be quilted, embroidery stitches will be covered to add texture to the piece, and the basics of pillow making will be covered. Fabric tassels will be demonstrated.


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