Pears Galore!

Size: 22 ½” x 29 ½”

Materials: Silk Dupioni fabric, fabric paint, beads

This quilt is painted with fabric paints, thread painted, quilted using rayon thread. Stamped using vintage wooden letterpress letters. The binding has been beaded.
Update to Blog Tour - In Stitches 7 September 15, 2012

It's been soo busy lately ... but here's an updated list for the blog tour.  Mine is still to come, so I hope to see you come and visit. 

Friday 9/14
Sarah Symes
Monday 9/17
Alma Stoller
Tuesday 9/18
Ana Buzzalino
Wednesday 9/19
Terry White
Thursday 9/20
Karen Linduska


While you are at it, leave me a message, and I'll have a randon draw for one of my painted pear pieces.  I will have the draw on Saturday, September 22nd.  Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you.


The piece won't be exactly as the one shown, but close enough.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope to see you back next week.

In the meantime, enjoy the end of the summer days  And keep quilting.  Some new exciting work coming from me, so visit again soon.


In Stitches Issue 7 September 10, 2012

Great news! The 7th issue of In Stitches e-mag is out now and available both for iPad and desktop version shortly.

In this new issue, i have an article on how to make my sample book using a sketchbook and some fabrics, and of course, some samples.  If you've watched Quilting Arts TV Series 1000, you may remember me showing some samples of machine quilting using the sample book.

Below is the schedule of the blog tour starting tomorrow, Monday September 10th, so drop by to take a look

9/10  Monday: Jane Davila
9/11 Tuesday: Kathy Loomis
9/12 Wednesday: Sarah Symes
9/13 Thursday: Alma Stoller
9/14 Friday: Ana Buzzalino

I hope you enjoy it.  And if you do, please leave me a comment or two. I'd love to hear from you.  In the meantime, keep quilting.



Fabric Dyeing July 29, 2012


I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather.  It's been so nice, that it is difficult to do anything that's not outside.  But, two weeks ago I taught a fabric dyeing class at home.  8 ladies and I dyeing fabric; what could be more fun?  We had a great time, and dyed fabric, threads, ribbon and some of the ladies had some silk pods.  It will be nice if we can get together to see the results.  I had emails from most of the ladies talking about the results of the dyeing.  It was hard to wait to wash the fabrics.  But, they all behaved themselves and waited until Sunday to was them. Here are some photos: 


Look at all those jars of dye;  we had blues, reds, yellow, green, purples ...


This one has some of the hod pint, golden yellow, purple and some sage green on the top right.


Look at this one:  some yellow, bright green, lapis blue, purple at the bottom ... How cool is that?

Below are some of my washed and dried samples.  It is so nice when they are ready to get washed ... it seems that they all look to be the same color, but then you start to rinse and the colors come out.  The same thing happens when you take them out of the washing machine and start to iron them.  As they get dry, the colors intensify ... and you see all the different colors and textures that have been created.

Here are some of mine:


This one is pomegranate and sage green.  One of my favorite combinations lately.  The next one is a bit different in texture as I folded the fat quarter down the center and squashed the ends.


And the last one is one combination I just love:  pomegranate and golden yellow.  When those two colors mix, they make the most gorgeous oranges and the textures are great.  The colors are rich and warm, don't you agree?


Now, to do some work with them.  I have been using them on some projects, so I'll post some photos of them at a later date.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the summer, and remember ... keep quilting!


Hello, I'm back July 03, 2012

Not that I've been anywhere, just busy, so it feels like I've been gone.

I was away for a week in Halifax for Quilt Canada 2012; thinking back I can't believe it's been a month since I've been back.  New job, new boss, new office ... lots and lots of work. And long days ...

But, despite all that, I've been trying to do some work.  I volunteered for the Decorating Committee at work, for the Q3 Offsite, so ... if I didn't have anything to do before, now I have to make about 600 fabric leaves to make center piece trees; plus some more to string with beads and make a mobile of some sorts.  I have the branch already to hang them from.  Ah, let's not forget that I committed myself to make a quilted tree walhanging, not quite sure yet what it is going to look like.

Below are some photos from Halifax, from day 1.  I arrived at 6:15 am.; Mary Elizabeth was very very kind and came to pick me up at the airport and took me home with her.  On the way we stopped at the beach and went for a short walk.  It was very very foggy; but it was a lovely walk after sitting in an airplane for about 5 hours.  It was great until I looked at myself in the mirror and ... I looked like a poodle!  The humidity did a number on my hair and it got really really curly and frizzy.  Frizzier than curlier I should say ...

Enjoy the photos:  this first one is the light house at Peggy's Cove.



And a view through the center of a ring of a huge anchor:


A couple of old boats anchored at the cove  Aren't they lovely?  Look at all that rust ...



Halifax is a lovely city; old houses, architecture and one of the oldest universities in Canada:  Dalhousie, where the conference was held and where we stayed.

I'll post more photos later.  In the meantime.  Do some quilting and enjoy the summer.




Happy Mother's Day May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!  I hope you had a great day with your families.

I spent my morning with my two boys who brought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, including Calla Lilies and Sunflowers.  And not a single Rose in sight! 

We had Eggs Benedict that Ale prepared, including the Hollandaise Sauce.  They looked great and they tasted even better!


It was a beautiful day today here in Calgary, so I spent some time outside.  Now that the sun is almost down, I think I'm going to go sit outside for a while longer, maybe read some or dream some.

And Mom, wherever you are ... I know you are watching over me.  I love you and miss you every single day.


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