Pears Galore!

Size: 22 ½” x 29 ½”

Materials: Silk Dupioni fabric, fabric paint, beads

This quilt is painted with fabric paints, thread painted, quilted using rayon thread. Stamped using vintage wooden letterpress letters. The binding has been beaded.
New Work July 29, 2013

Good morning,

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was busy but good.  I am enjoying my newly landscaped backyard.  I will post some photos soon.  I mowed the lawn yesterday and it didn't take any time at all as I got rid of all the grass against the fence, and that made it easier.  A few mosquito bites later ... I was done.  Task achieved.  So now I could go to my studio and do some work without feeling guilty every time I looked out the window and saw that I needed to cut the grass. 

On to some new work I've been doing.  As you may know, I've been dyeing my own fabrics for a while now, and let me tell you ... it gets addictive.  Also, Lisa, who is a member of At The Edge, one of the groups I belong to, was moving to Toronto and she asked me if I would join her in a dyeing day.  Of course I said yes, and ended up with 12 yards of new hand-dyed fabrics.  The weekend after, we got together again just before she left for her new adventures, and dyed about the same amount.  Later on that week, I received the new dyes I had ordered from Dharma, so of course I had to give them a try.  They were mostly greys as one of the pieces I've been working on is mostly greys and black.  Another 7 yards later ... I was done for a while.  Now I have to use them!

Here's the piece I was working on yesterday.  It's been on my design wall for a while, and I've been debating what to do with it; I had added the fused hand-dyed cheesecloth a while ago.  On Saturday, I decided to use one of my hand-dyed threads and add some hand-stitching to it.  I will have to upload some photos later, as the ones I have for some reason won't upload (frustrating...).


Well, despite the technical difficulties ... I hope you are still reading.  And if you are, I thank you for that.  Keep quilting. 


Quilting Arts Magazine - August/September 2013 July 23, 2013

Good early morning from cloudy and rainy Calgary,

Hope this finds everyone fine and enjoying the Summer months.  It's been busy here in Calgary ... still recovering after the flooding, lots of work to be done.  A few groups have been organized around town and surrounding areas to make and gather quilts to help those affected by the floods.  If you are interested in helping, you could get in touch with My Sewing Room and / or Traditional Pastimes, which are two of the stores in town who are organizing the efforts.  Other place to go is The Sugar Pine in Canmore.

But life continues, and this day finds us with the new issue of Quilting Arts Magazine hitting the newsstands. 

I have an article on Painting on Fabric with Inktense Pencils.  And I was very happy to see my artwork gracing the cover of the magazine once again.  This is a technique I love.  It involves machine quilting - which is one of my passions - and painting.  Where can you go wrong with those?  The idea is to start with a sketch, transfer it to fabric, quilt it using dark thread as if you were drawing on a blank piece of paper, and then color it using Inktense pencils, which are like watercolor, but with ink instead.  The lovely advantage of that is that once the color dries, it's permanent.  So you can add layers of color without lifting the color underneath.

Vivika Hansen Denegre has written about the article in Quilting Daily; go to the Quilting Arts blog to read about it.  You can see added images of other projects there too.  Go to and to the right of the magazIne you will see a "Learn More", click on it and then on the left-hand side you see Online Extras, where you can see some more of my work.

If you'd like to purchase the magazine, and see what else is inside its covers, here's the URL: .   Remember that you can also purchase a download.

I hope you enjoy the article and give the technique a try.  If you have any questions or need any clarification, I'm here to help.  So drop me a comment or two and let me know what you think (and if you do, include your email so I can write you back).  In the meantime, keep quilting!


Calgary under emergency alert June 21, 2013

Good afternoon,

It's been a difficult day today and part of yesterday when the city went under emergency alert due to flooding.  Both the Elbow River and the Bow River were extremely high, and expected to crest before midnight.  That would cause them to overflow their banks.  Low areas of the city went under alrt and later on, under mandatory evacuation.   By the time I went to bed last night, 7 neighborhoods in the city were under mandatory evacuation and lots of people had to leave their homes on short notice with whatever they could take with them.  

Last night, at around 11:48 p.m. we received an email from work saying that they had decided to close the office downtown after monitoring the situation.  This morning, at 5:30 a.m. when I woke up, the downtown core was closed down and there was no transit to get into the downtown core.

As I write this ... the rain is still falling non stop, very heavily at times, and the situation is getting worse around the city.  The Elbow River has crested, and now about 24 neighborhoods around the city are under mandatory evacuation.  Approximately 100,000 people have been affected.  One of those, is my oldest son Sebastian who lives in Mission, about a block from the river.  I finally connected with him this morning and he was at work trying to see if they could figure a way to get their equipment out of the water's range, if or when it gets to them.  Last night before he left his apartment he took a few valuables with him and stayed overnight at a friend's.  Unfortunately, the two cats stayed behind.  Around noon he tried to get to his apartment to get the cats out but was turned around by the water.  He said that the water is up to the windows in the cars parked on the street, and was hoping the water was going to stay level and out of his second floor apartment.  He could not get to his cats, so we hope they will be OK.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that his apartment will stay dry.

And I feel a bit guilty because as of now, my house is dry and hopefully will stay that way.  I managed to connect with some friends in Canmore which has been hugely affected by flooding but I am happy to say I heard that Dean, Leah and their family, as well as Sugar Pine are safe.  The same can be said for friends in the Bragg Creek Area who live at higher elevations, and are for now safe.

Unfortunately, my friend in Bowness, who just moved in to her house, has not been that lucky.  I have not heard from her yet, but the street she lives on was under water this morning.

To the High River Residents, and all of those affected here in town,  my thoughts and prayers are with you.  The outporing of help and support has been incredible for shelters around the city and will continue in the next few days.

This has just started.  The Bow River hasn't crested yet, which means that it is not over.  Over the next few days, hopefully rain in the area will taper off and the waters will start to recede.  The city will pull together to help those who need it the most and the clean up will begin.  As I said, this is just the beginning.  There will be lots of debris and mud and damage around, and we'll all do our part to help reconstruct this city of ours.

The Calgary Stampede is two weeks' away and if I know something about Calgary, is that the show will go on.  We'll see what the waters leave behind once they recede, as they have flooded the Stampede Grounds, the Saddledome and the downtown area.

if you need information, please go to and/or  My TV has been on and I have been following developments closely.

For all those out there, hold on and hang tight.  And above all, stay safe.


From Sunny Calgary ... on taking a breath May 02, 2013

Finally, we have a break iin the weather.  It's a sunny 18 degrees right now.  Went out for lunch with some people from work and it was a huge effort to come back to work, when all we wanted to do was sit outside in the sun.  It's been a long winter.  Although I have to say that the mountains look gorgeous against the blue skies with all the snow still on them.

I have not been blogging, which seems to be a common theme with me, but I have not been idle.  I've had a busy few first months of the year, and am finally able to take a break and do some work for me. I have been finishing a few pieces in the "Birds on a Wire" series.  I still have bindings to sew onto two small ones:  an orange one dyed with tangerine and a dash of bright orange, and a green one dyed in a new dye for me called Granny Apple Green to which I added a dash of bright green.  It is very green and very lovely.  I  will post photos soon, once the bindings are on.

As some of you may know, I belong to a small group of art quilters.  We call ourselves "At the Edge".  And every year we give each other a challenge.  Last year's challenge resulted in my work with neutral fabrics and once quilted, placing them in a vat of dye; that resulted in the Bird on a Wire series, the quilt called "On the Rooftops of the City where I Live" and "Just Before the Lights come on", the Paris rooftops scene.

This year's challenge is to work on a series.  It can be anything.  Each of us can work on our own ideas and work, as long as it is a seires of work on the same (general) idea.  The challenge is to prepare 6 pieces each on our chosen subject matter, in some very precise sizes:  the largest one being 36" x 36", 24" x 36", 12" x 12", 12" x 36" and 24" x 24" or something like that. You get the idea.  So I've come up with a new idea for me ... quite different from anything else, and I've been playing.  The first piece, the 12" x 12" is mostly finished, so I'll post some photos once it's done.

I have also been working on two more:  the 12" x 36" piece.  This one is coming along quite nicely.  It still needs work; right now it's on my design wall waiting until I figure out the last details to be added to it.  The second one is in the initial stages and, hopefully, will result in a 24" x 24" piece. I joined three pieces of hand-dyed fabric and am quilting it right now.  It will look quite different once I'm done with it, if I can translate what's in my head to the actual fabric.  I will post photos as I go along.

For some reason, it's not letting me post the photos right now, so I'll go explore and try to figure out what's going on.  So look for photos later.

Bye for now ... and in the meantime, keep quilting.



Happy Easter March 31, 2013

Good morning everyone and a Happy Easter to you all.

I had a visit from the Easter Bunny last week.  He sat by my front door for hours, quietly watching ...


I was in Cleveland last week, taping 5 segments for QA TV Series 1200.  And despite the snow and the cooler weather, it was a great time.  I shared taping time with Vanessa Christenson of V and Co.  She had the most lovely yellow pillow.  It would have looked great in my living room!  If you haven't heard of her, check her out.  She had some lovely techniques to show and an impressive new line of fabric coming out soon, which I am sure people will love, as the colors are vibrant.  She has a book out called "Make it so Modern: Gather, Pleat, Twist, Texture".


Luana Rubin from eQuilter and her daugher Sophie were there too.  It was nice to see them both again although we were all so busy we didn't have as much time to visit as we would have liked.

This is me with Pokey getting ready to tape a segment called Hand Embroidery with an Electric Needle, a technique I learned from my friend Doris Teixeira in Brazil a couple of years ago.  Her work is stunning.  If you have a chance, look her up in Facebook and see what she's up to.  


Friday dawned sunny and with blue skies, so I decided to head out to Banff.  I had an errand to run anyway, so at 8:00 am I headed West.  It was early enough that I managed to avoid the traffic.  It seemed that everyone else had decided to sleep in.  I managed to keep the car at 120 km/h all the way.  I think I touched the brakes twice.  I run my errand and then decided to head home, but it was such a lovely day that it seemed a pity to cut it so short, so I went to Two Jack Lake and sat at a picnic table in the sun, listening to music and drinking my cup of coffee.  I was by myself, well ... almost.  I shared the morning with a gentleman from Parks Canada who was parked in the lot with his window down enjoying the morning.  This is what it looked like ...


While there, I came up with some ideas for my next body of work.  Stay tuned for more on that later.  Well, time for me to go back to work.  Enjoy your day and remember to make time in your day for a bit of creating.


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