Pears Galore!

Size: 22 ½” x 29 ½”

Materials: Silk Dupioni fabric, fabric paint, beads

This quilt is painted with fabric paints, thread painted, quilted using rayon thread. Stamped using vintage wooden letterpress letters. The binding has been beaded.
Quilting Arts Magazine June/July 2014 May 26, 2014

It's almost here ... The new Quilting Arts Magazine for June/July 2014 will be in stores tomorrow, Tuesday May 27th.  I have not received my copy yet, so I have not seen the article I contributed for it, but I heard on Saturday that it looks great!  :)


The article covers my techniques for making the fabric stones, pebbles and rocks that I've been using in my work lately.  They are fun to make, and I find them addictive.  You'll never look at a rock in the same manner.

I hope you enjoy the article and make one or two rocks, or a hundred!  Let me know how it goes.

In the meantime, I hope this finds you enjoying the nice weather and day dreaming in the sun.  Keep quilting!


Through Our Hands - New Online Magazine May 07, 2014

I have to say, that as soon as I read the news, I went to their website and signed up for the Newsletter.  I wanted to get the new Magazine from Through Our Hands as soon as it came out.  And here it is ...

This is a new enterprise by Laura Kemshall and Annabel Rainbow.  If you know their work ... you know that this magazine is not going to disappoint.  The truth is, I haven't even opened it yet, but wanted to share it with everyone out there. 

So go to their website at: and sign up for the newsletter and download your own copy of the magazine. 

You can also use the link from here to get there:

Or you can click on the magazine below from here.

Hope you enjoy it.  I am off to read my copy!

And don't forget to keep quilting ...





Oh What fun it is to try ... February 28, 2014

Explorations, investigations, trials and errors, mistakes made into something different ... it's all part of learning and doing, and for me, a part of what I like to do best.

That is what I do when I am stuck ... I need to be working on a piece, but I don't know what direction I want it to take.  I did 1/3 of it, and then got to the point that I didn't know where I wanted the piece to go.  So I left it.  But to get myself going, I start working on small or smallish projects.  Anything to get the creative ideas flowing again.  And while I do that, which usually consists of quilting very tightly every 1/8" in vertical or horizontal lines (which is kind of boring actually), I have a lot of time to think, because I really do not need to concentrate too much in what it is that I am doing.   Just a very soothing back and forth and back and forth. 

So last week I found myself starting a new wholecloth piece; just because I am still stuck on this larger piece I need to work on.  I went to the hand-dyed fabric bin and rummaged around - well, it's quite tidy actually - but I still looked at quite a few different pieces of fabrics and finally settled on one of the black and grey ones from my last dyeing session.  It is quite lovely actually, as it is quite dark on one side and quite light on the other.  Threaded the machine, changed feet, lower the feed dogs, raised the feed dogs again, as I decided to quilt it vertically with the feed dogs up instead of all free motion and off I went.  And my mind went with it ... and started thinking about all the products I had purchased at the Kensington Art Store when they had the sale before they moved.  I spent a lot - and I mean A LOT - of money - good thing that it was 30% off!  Some of these items were right by my elbow, staring at me, so I decided to give them a try: mainly, metal leaf, and metal leaf adhesive.

These are the results, which hopefully will develop into new pieces of work:


This is the first one I tried.  The fabric was already quilted so I used the low tack masking tape to mask the squares and strips and applied the glue right on the fabric.  Let it dry, which took about 20 minutes, and applied the metal foil.  This is real metal foil, very thin squares of metal - gold in this case (although not real gold) that once applied, it stays in place.  You have to clean all the extra little bits, which tend to make a mess, so I had metal foil all over.  It is a good idea to use a stiffer brush to carefully brush away all the extra bits over a garbage can.  The stuff still flies all over, so then you can use a sticky roller brush to get all the bits and pieces off the floor and carpet and your clothes.  Don't get me wrong, despite the mess, I love the stuff so if a few bits of gold or silver here and there are the price to pay ... I'm all for it.

Point to make:  the fabric is quite absorbent, so you need to seal it first; I used gel medium.  So the steps are:  Gel medium, let dy, apply the metal leaf adhesive, let dry; apply the metal leaf and adhere properly; wait a few minutes and using a brush carefully remove any extra bits.  You can always reapply if needed.  Once that is done, you can seal it with a special sealant.  I used special sealant on one, and on the silver one - below, I used gel medium to seal it.

OK, back to the first piece: gold metal leaf on, I wanted to see what would happen if I applied a transfer using ATP (artist transfer paper) on top.  It worked; although there was quite a difference between the transfer on the fabric and the transfer on the gold which I was not sure I liked.  I then printed the same design on a sheet of polyester organza, cut it out, and very carefully applied it on top of the original transfer with gel medium.  It made it a bit more opaque, although you can still see the difference.  I kind of like it, though.  What to you think?

Second piece:


The feathers are a screen, and it's screen printed with Jacquard Screen Print Paint in copper, and metal black.  On the left feather, I used a metal leaf marker to paint copper on top of the screen, following exactly the same lines.  You can't see that, because I didn't really care for the results so I applied the metal leaf glue carefully and then copper leaf.  The other two feathers are left with the screen as originally planned.  I may embroider on one of them, but have not decided yet to do that.  Remember, these are explorations ... this may be all that is accomplished for this one.

Third piece - still in progress:


I started this one while quilting the larger piece to see if I could quilt a feather on one side (I always think that quilting a feather will make the quilting go faster and forget that then I need to match all those straight lines to the feather lines).  Oh well, all in the name of art.  Anyway, as I was saying, I quilted this smaller piece and added the feather, and then applied silver leaf to it.  There are places where I actually gone back and touched up the leaf three times.  You can say I am a bit anal about the shapes reading really nice and rounded!

Anyway, this is it for this installment of the blog.  Let me know what you think of these pieces.  In the meantime, stay warm and keep quilting.


On naming your work January 24, 2014

It's Friday!   Yeah ... quite an interesting week, I might say ...

I needed to think of a name for the small yellow quilt below with the crow.  I found a name I liked, but I thoguht it would be more suited to the other piece of work I had finished.  So I came up with a compromise.  As the quilts where not labelled yet, I decided to switch their names.


So now this one above is called "Some day the rains will fall". See my last post on this piece.   It is a similar smaller version of the quilt below.

This one is now called "Perched, and sat and nothing more" from "Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe.  And a fitting name it is, as the crow was just sitting there when I found him, and seemed to be posing waiting for me to take photos! 


This one is 18" x 24" if I am not mistaken, and as you can see (I know I've shown it before), it is fully finished and mounted with the plexiglass applied with screws.  There is also some gold paint applied between the quilting on the bottom part.  The paper is from an old book and it has been applied with Gel medium with a layer of self-levelling medium on top.

Drop me a note and let me know whether you find it difficult to name your quilt, or if it comes easy to you ...

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the mild weather here in Calgary - if you live in the area.  I wish you happy quilting in the days ahead!


Crows January 08, 2014

A few weeks ago I purchased a new book called "Corvus - A life with birds" by Esther Woolfson.  It sounded interesting as it talks about her life with birds after her daughter rescued a fledgeling rook.  I don't know why I like crows and rooks and ravens so much, but I do.  I find them interesting and love to see how they interact.  The other day I was outside Home Depot heading for my car; right in front of it, there were two huge crows, eating some bits of dead animal.  I was so sorry I didn't even have my phone to take a picture!

My work has featured crows lately, and this last piece I worked on over the weekend has one done with a photo transfer on ATP.  I wanted to see what it would look like on that background color, as I have a larger piece in mind in those colors.  My last post had photos of some of the fabrics and the threads.  The piece is fully quilted now, all 15 x 62" of it.

But this small piece is 10" x 10" and ready to be mounted.  


And a detail of the hand-embroidery at the top:


Don't have a name for it yet ... I'll have to come up with something soon.  If you think of a good one, leave me a comment.  If I pick yours, you'll get a surprise in the mail, so leave an email so I can contact you ...

In the meantime, keep quilting.


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